Child Safety Feature: Maison’s Memory – The Danger of Nappy Sacks

Look in your baby bag, on on your changing unit are any of the items there dangerous to your baby? No…? Are Nappy Sacks on the list? You may not think they are dangerous but within the reach of your baby, they can be fatal! Here is Maison’s story written by his Mummy:

Maison 2

The 7th March 2013 started like any other day. I woke up thinking about what i was going to do that day with my beautiful 7 month old son. Maison was such a happy clever baby. He loved people and every day with him was a new adventure. Everyone commented they had never seen a baby eat like he did especially when it came to chocolate.

I went into Maisons bedroom to wake him up only it wasn’t his beautiful smile i was greated with. Instead Maison was lying in his cot with a handful of nappy sacks scattered around him and one over his face. From this moment its all a painful blur. 999 was called and my house was full of paramedics desperately trying to save my babys life. I knew he was gone, that it was too late. Maison was taken to hospital and i went with him. My husband Martyn was kept behind by police to be questioned and for them to take items and photos. This meant i was alone when i saw a team of people working on my child. I was still alone when they said ‘I’m sorry’ and stopped trying. I had to walk away from my baby and be questioned over and over again by the police. There were no doubts at all it was an accident but statements need to be taken asap as standard. I can’t tell you how hard it is to do this when your baby has just died.

We got to have Maison blessed and family got to be there to say goodbye.

2 and a half years ago my world fell apart all thanks to a nappy sack. Our changing stand had been next to the cot as many peoples are. In the pockets of the stand i had placed nappy sacks months and months before, id forgotten they were already there. Our cot was on the highest setting because Maison had never crawled. He could sit but only if you placed him that way. However that day he must of learnt to stand for the first time as thats the only way he could have reached the changing stand.

Since Maison died i have started a facebook page called Maisons Memory ( on the page i share the dangers of nappy sacks. In the last 10 years nappy sacks have claimed the lives of atleast 13 other babies ranging from newborns to a bit older then Maison. Nappy sacks are usually brightly coloured and make a rustling sound so babies find them very attractive. They are made of thin material which easily covers the face and can be sucked down the airways. Nappy sacks aren’t required by law to have saftey holes like carrierbags so are more dangerous. Its thought babies under 6 months are most likely to be at danger because they have a natural grabbing reflex and put things to their mouth but then can not get them back off. However older babies are also at risk as they start to become mobile they can find items you thought were put away. How many of you have them on the side possibly in reach? Or in the changing bag zipped away but the changing bag is within reach? Do you assume because you haven’t seen baby stand or crawl yet that they can’t? I urge anyone to think about the possible dangers before they become a problem. Don’t have the ‘it won’t happen to me’ ‘it didn’t do me any harm’ or ‘everything can be a danger so I’m not going to think about it’ attitudes because once something happens it leaves you heartbroken forever.

Maison 3

Maisons Memory also fundraises for a charity called A Child Of Mine who support bereaved families (

I hope reading this heartbreaking story will encourage you to move if not remove the nappy sacks in your home, here are the links to Maison’s Memory’s pages so that you can show your support:

Maison 1


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