Child Safety Feature: Rachel Sian Photography – The Danger of Untrained Photographers

We’ve all seen those beautiful professional photographs of newborn babies in perfect little poses, you wouldn’t call them natural poses, but definitely cute!

Rachel 3

When asking prices of different photographers it’s natural to lean more towards a lower priced one, but why? With any other service doesn’t it show that you get what you pay for, surely going to university and studying a subject makes you better qualified in it than someone who hasn’t? But nowadays it seems anyone can buy a posh camera and call themselves a photographer, don’t get me wrong I have a semi “professional” camera that I mess around with at home taking pictures of my kids but I would never try to pose them, but a lot of people will assume being a mother and having the experience with a newborn gives you the skills to pose them for photographs.

Rachel 1

Thankfully a fully qualified photographer Rachel who owns Rachel Sian Photography has written a simple yet effective blog post sharing not only the secret behind “those photos” but also explaining why only professionals should take this responsibility, take a read:

I hope after reading this post, parents will take more care when choosing someone to handle their baby.

Here are the links to Rachel Sian Photography’s page:

Rachel 2


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