Work with me!

Hi to all the PR people, brand and services out there!

I am a PR friendly blogger, and currently a member of,, britmums bloggers and netmums bloggers. I am also proud to be an official blogger for MaMa Academy!

I also have popular Facebook and Twitter accounts that both have over 1000 likes! I am on Instagram too and working with some great companies to promote their products on there.

I have reviewed many products, the link to which can be found below so you can see my style of writing. I review anything from toys and clothes for my babies to the local restaurant we went to for a family meal.

I cover everything to do with becoming and being a parent, home, lifestyle, days out and technology.

If you would like a review but are wondering if I would suit your business, then I can do a review and send you a copy before publishing it to see if you like it!

Here are the links to the reviews I’ve done so far!

Baby Wings Dummy Clips

Eat, Sleep, Doodle

Little Lulu’s Shoes

Mia Mou Retail

Learning Success

JOOSR: Book Summaries

W7 Camoflauge Concealer

STEAM Ahead: DIY for Kids


The London Sock Exchange

5 Minute Fun

Ama Wrap

Joie Serena Swing

My Cupcake Toppers

Morse Toad


Mummy Social

Herbie The Hound

Hope’s Relief Cream

A Trip To York

In Memory of A Son

Apothecary Lounge & Bar

Bakers Days


Ipanema Flip Flops

50 Shades of Grey Movie

Calpol Plug In

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