Mummy can’t afford it

Walking through our local supermarket today my two year old gave the classic “I want that one mummy”about every item we walked past, he never throws too much of a tantrum (there’s still time I know) if he doesn’t get something, probably because he knows he has more than enough toys at home.

When an answer of “No”simply isn’t enough and he pushes by actually picking the item up (today’s choice was a Princess Peppa Pig) I reply with what I think is a pretty reasonable excuse for not getting him it “Mummy can’t afford it” this may not be every parent’s choice of phrase, but today I got a very obvious glare of disapproval by a passer-by and a passing comment of “Did you hear that? Why would you say that to your child”.

Well I didn’t respond to this stranger in person, 1: Because it really didn’t bother me too much, but just made me curious of people’s perception of right and wrong. 2: I have 3 kids under 3, I don’t have the time or entertainment to keep them still while discussing my reasons and 3: I have an irrational fear of stranger danger, even as an adult.

I mean what else am I meant to teach him? That I just don’t want to get him it? That’s not true, but I don’t feel guilty, he certainly doesn’t need this toy, I haven’t just refused him a quenching bottle of water when he’s thirsty. I’m not ashamed that I don’t have the spare money to spend £10 on a Peppa Pig figurine on a daily basis but it doesn’t mean he goes without.

I feel teaching him that all these luxuries cost money and sometimes you can’t have them is vital to him recognising the value of money, as he gets older he can earn money of his own if he wants extra toys that he has his heart set on.

So it doesn’t bother me that people look at me like a cheap-skate when I tell my kids I can’t afford to buy them something they obviously need, fair enough if I pull up in a Range Rover rocking the latest Michael Kors yet I can’t afford to buy a loaf of bread I’d expect some judgemental frowns, but I’m raising miniature people here, people I want to have respect for money as they grow up.


10 reasons I’m ‘that’ irritating mum!

So before I had kids I was one of the many that said the famous phrase “I would never do that if I had kids” and of course now I have two of my own little bundles of joy, I am the mum whose eaten my words and here are 10 reasons why:

#1 When you log onto Facebook you have to scroll for at least a minute to get beyond my photos of my children eating, sleeping or smiling.

#2 As you enter my home I’ve found new excuses every time to why the house is a mess, smells and why I haven’t brushed my hair. You get this 5 minute speech whether you want it or not.

#3 A conversation with me involves me chasing my toddler, changing a bum or shouting at them whilst reassuring you “Keep going, I am listening”

#4 My babies are my excuse, to go home early, to cancel appointments and when the weather is too hot/cold/windy/wet/dry to leave the house. Plus these reasons just to convince you: Teething, tiredness & being a baby!

#5 I constantly smell of “Eau De Baby” This is a combination of dried milk & sick, poop & pee and some things where I’m not even sure what they are, you do well not to say anything…but your distance tells me everything.

#6 I’m never on time, even when I leave early, even when I plan ahead, you can’t prepare for a poo explosion so catastrophic it goes through nappies and two layers of clothing!

#7 Any time I’m on the phone to you, you are lulled into a false sense of security by me talking peacefully then without warning  “GET OFF THAT! GET DOWN” Yep screaming at my child who’s about to back flip off the settee, whilst in close range of your ear.

#8 I had ANOTHER baby, yep you thought I was irritating now…times it by two!

#9 Nappy free time, handing them a yoghurt to eat themselves and not wiping their snot, all the things you’re quietly raging about me doing in your presence.

#10 I changed! I’m not the carefree, funny person I used to be! I’m a mum and I’m one of those annoying mum’s that thinks I’ve finally found my purpose in life, I rave about being a mummy and every conversation we have I steer it towards my kids, I love them so so so so much! Annoying, right?