Burt’s Bees’ is BEA-utiful!!

I’ve always been a fan of Burt’s Bees’ products, they feel extremely natural and are great value for money.

If asked for a a brilliant beauty product line, Burt’s Bees’ would be one of my top recommendations, but something happened last week that just pushed them from not only a recommendation but to a must have.

Firstly I will start by saying a business can have the best products, but if they have poor customer service skills they will never be as popular as they can be, but when they have not only brilliant customer service skills but also empathy for their individual customer’s circumstances, they are just the top of the scale when it comes to running a business.

Burt’s Bees’ has over 2 Million followers on Facebook and over 88 Thousand followers on Twitter and I can see why. They are one of the most of the amazing companies I have ever had the chance to be in contact with.

My mother entered a competition on their Twitter page, saying that I deserved to win because I’d supported her emotionally throughout my Father’s passing at just 50 years old in 2014. They quickly responded saying although we didn’t win, that our story touched them and they thought I deserved something special!

The result was a heart warming letter and 4 products: Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Beeswax Lip Balm, Deep Cleansing Cream and a Lip Crayon. All of the products are absolutely amazing!!

I would recommend Burt’s Bees’ products to anyone and everyone, not only are the products top notch but the customer service is unforgettable!

Thank you Burt’s Bee’s!!

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Yummy Mummy’s Creative Week: Day 4: Homemade Play Dough

Unfortunately Jack has Croup so we haven’t managed to do any sensory play today, Mikey is also under the weather. But as it is creative week on Yummy Mummy’s Blog, I will not let my readers down and am sharing a creative day I had with the boys last week!

Homemade Play Dough Recipe

2 Cups of Flour

2 Cups of Warm Water

1 Cup of Salt

Food Colouring

Mix all together and knead until you have a firm dough ball, separate into how many different colours you have and add the food colouring to each individual ball and knead until the entire ball is the colour of the food colouring.

Then Wa-Lah you have Play Dough!!


Grab some blocks, shapes and toys that can imprint different pictures into the play dough!

If you want a keepsake, then bake your finished masterpiece in the oven until hard, let it cool then paint it!


Yummy Mummy’s Creative Week: Day 3: Sensory Bottles

Today I made 5 sensory bottles to individually represent each sense.






Every bottle was differently shaped and I used items from around the house to make these bottles.


Smell: I used a squirty bottle so the lid could be open without the contents falling out and filled it with an orange and it’s peelings.

Touch: If I had prepared for this more, this one would have turned out better ie. using clear tape or glue. But I had brown parcel tape so that’s what I used, I taped cue-tips, patterned paper and rolled up tissue paper.

Taste: I made homemade milkshake using a Drifter chocolate bar and milk in a food processer (not to self: Drifters are hard, mash up into small pieces before blending or kitchen will end up extremely milky) and put the contents in a squirty bottle.

Look: I used glitter and colourful gems in water, which was tinted using blue food colouring.

Hear: The biggest bottle was used to give the contents more space to make noise, I filled it with pasta, rice and raisins.

The boys loved them, Mikey went straight for the taste and Jack went straight for the sound one! What a surprise!


Yummy Mummy’s Creative Week: Day 2: Powdered Paint

So today Jack got to play with the powdered paint on his own, Mikey decided to go for a sleep early, so out went three bowls of paint, Red, Blue & Green!

After some time painting and mixing the colours with mud until he was pretty much left with brown! So my next task was 5 different colours Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White, also some water, with a bowl and a mixing spoon.

Day No.2 was a success! Here are the results in pictures:

Paint 9 Paint3 Paint4 Paint5 Paint6 Painting1 Painting2 PANTINT7 Paint 7 Paint 8


Yummy Mummy’s Creative Week: Day 1: Painting & Drawing

Today was a new experience for me, as my readers already know I’ve got two kids under two Jack 22 months and Mikey 11 months, there is just 10.5 months between them! So they are a handful on their own, but today I babysat my friend Ellen’s children Ava 21 months and Jack 6 months (Yes two Jack’s at once, confused yet?).

So with 4 kids under 2 I was prepared for a hectic day! Was it hectic? Yes! But…I loved every minute of it!

I know it was only a day looking after 4 kids, so in no way do I think it will be that easy to have 4 kids 24/7, I have 2 kids already so I know each day with them is different, but still, I am proud of my self for pulling today off!

So the day started with a room full of toys for all ages so the kids could get used to each other, then they all eat lunch together.



Then I decided to give baby Jack and Mikey some time to play without the bigger ones trampling all over them, so big Jack and Ava sat in high chairs drawing pictures, I’m all for fun with crayons but they can have just as much fun learning to draw on paper in their high chair instead of the two of them decorating my walls.

Mikey then wanted a bit of time in his baby walker, so baby Jack went in his door bouncer. Big Jack and Ava had fun in the garden with powdered paint, they covered towels in it and painted each other with brushes! They loved the colours and the textures of it!

DSC01291 DSC01265

Followed by a warm bath, some Peppa Pig and a nice hot meal, it was a successful day!




Your Brother is your best friend

So today has been a day of Brotherly love, this is one of the days that make you say I’m so glad I had you two so close together. Not to dispute that siblings are close no matter the age gap, but at 22 months and 11 months they are still babies and to see the effortless affection is just adorable and heart melting.

The aww-fest started, with Jack screaming for a dodie (Dummy, Pacifier) because he could see one, but the once he had it gave it to Mikey, so of course Mummy gave him one for himself for being so selfless!

Then came the cuddles, Jack sits on mummy’s lap to read a book and Mikey has to sit on Jack’s lap to read the book (Jack’s rules).

By late afternoon Mikey was getting a bit grumpy and began to cry, before me or Paul could react Jack had gone over and given him his bottle!!

Then the final aww of the day was in the bath, Jack pulls Mikey into his lap and starts washing his back and hair with a sponge!!

Today has been a good day, today has been adorable!



Feeling like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (As a mum not a prostitute)

Firstly I’ll start with if you haven’t seen the 1990 movie Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts in then there is something vital missing from your life and you need to stop reading, go watch the film and then come back and continue reading!

So in the movie, Vivian (Julia Roberts), is a prostitute who is rapidly falling in love with businessman Edward, sending her out with a handful of cash (we’re talking big bucks) to buy some “Conservative” clothing for dinner that evening. Walking into a ladies clothing store on the famous Rodeo Drive she is turned away despite the cash that is desperate to be splurged, to say the store assistants looked down on Viv is an understatement, she leaves feeling embarrassed and hurt.

This movie came to mind instantly when I walked into a store in the center of busy Lancaster (not quite Rodeo Drive), my circumstances were slightly different to Viv’s, as I am not a prostitute and of course have less cash to spend, not to mention I’m a mum of two with a double buggy, in a shop with many breakables.

So walking through we were browsing, the shop is slightly overpriced but has some lovely items (keepsakes,ornaments) the store assistant (a well groomed mature lady I’d say pushing 60) was chatting with a customer who took notice of my boys and the assistant said “Oh he’s got odd socks on” me and my mum both laughed, joking that even though I always buy pairs of socks I only ever come out with one of each. Well the looks on the ladies face was as if poor little Mikey was dressed up as Chucky, a slight look of horror crossed with a huge amount of “snobbery” as I like to call it.

Immediately leaving I felt guilty for having put my son in odd socks, I mean they were both blue, just slightly different shades, I get some people have a slight obsession over matching things for their babies, but I have two boys 10.5 months apart, that’s pretty impossible if I’m honest. Then I quickly realised it was her who had the problem, not me, my son is 11 months old, wearing odd socks will not harm him.

We do sensory activities everyday, I’m constantly thinking of ways to stimulate his brain and teach him in the most enjoyable way ever. Of course this woman wasn’t to know this, but still, it isn’t her place to judge me or my children.

So yea, Vivian and I may be worlds apart in our circumstances (not to mention she is a made up character for a film) but today I felt her pain (sort of)