Three poorly babies

I know Jack & Mikey aren’t technically “babies” but they are MY babies, so I have three poorly babies today.

It’s been starting for a few days but today it’s hit our household like a bacteria filled bomb, all three have sticky eyes (Yuck!), poor Jack woke up and thought he was blind!¬†ūüôą

Mikey has no comprehension of why I have to clean his eyes, he’s the hardest one to help. Jack doesn’t like having his eyes cleaned (using boiling water and cotton wool) plus eye drops, but he knows he needs them and if he just plays along it’s over a lot quicker than if he fights me, Nicole hates having her eyes cleaned (she’s too young for drops) but is too little fight back, so just gives me a guilty feeling with her bottom lip.

But Mikey, he is the strongest out of all three and hates any sort of intervention, wiping his nose, washing his hair, changing his bum…he’s not a fan of anything like that, so trying to swipe his eyes with cotton wool in one direction so I’m not rubbing it back into his eye, then putting in eye drops is near-impossible, but I managed it, I may have had to gently restrain him with my legs, but it took me no longer than a minute, whereas I could have sat there for an hour trying to reason with him but got nowhere, if you are a fan of the TV show Friends….Imagine Rachel with the eye drop, but x10!

I had plans to take the kids out to the park today or maybe even to a play area, but I’m not so well myself and really all they want to do is stay in their pyjamas and watch TV, so I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to chill with them and not spread this cold/virus/eye infection whatever you want to call it, to the outside world.

Kids perk up pretty quickly so I’m hoping they’ll be OK for nursery and a play date tomorrow, there’s really no way to tell until the morning with kids, they are pretty unpredictable. I know they’ll be absolutely gutted to miss out but I suppose it’s my job to decide what is best and weigh up the pros and cons, they’ve been having their eye drops for two days now, so hopefully their eye will be better by tomorrow.

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My scariest moment as a preemie mum

As a mother to two premature babies, I feel extremely blessed that they are now healthy strapping boys.

Mikey my youngest was 5 weeks premature weighing 4lb 12oz but came home after two days with no complications except mild Jaundice that he didn’t need treatment for,

Jack my eldest was born 10 weeks and 2 days early. He had oxygen for 2 days before taking off the mask himself and never needing it again, Jaundice which was resolved with photo-therapy after a week, he needed a humidified incubator for 3 weeks, he suffered from Patent Ductus Arteriosus which was resolved in 3 days with Ibuprofen, he needed to be tube fed for 5 weeks before moving onto bottled breast milk, he required a nutritional feed for 4 weeks and was underweight at 3lbs and half an oz at birth but is now a healthy 2 stone!

My scariest moment in NICU may be something you wouldn’t expect, it lasted less than a minute and to others may seem like a small misunderstanding, but to me that minute lasted a lifetime and for that minute my world came crashing down.

When Jack was two weeks old I rarely left the ward, the only time was to walk across to the hospital canteen. I made Paul stay by his side while I went to get food. Gone only 10 minutes I already missed him, as I waited to be buzzed back into the ward ¬†I pictured Paul sat by his incubator tickling his feet as usual, but as I entered the door Paul was waiting for me. Instantly I felt sick with fear, he only got half way through his sentence before I broke down, his words…”Emma, we’ve only got 10 minutes left with Jack…” before he could get another word out I crumpled to the floor in tears, I don’t know what I thought had happened, but in the back of my mind I’d prepared my self for the chance something could go wrong.

Finally he got his sentence out, “Emma, stand up, we’ve only got 10 minutes left with Jack before they have to close the¬†area for an hour, there’s nothing wrong with Jack, the baby next to him keeps having seizures so needs to be transferred to a high dependency unit”.

Instantly relief flooded over me, my baby was ok, for that minute I thought I’d lost him, my world collapsed and I felt helpless, as I¬†basked in relief it was quickly replaced by another emotion…guilt. My baby was fine, the worst moment I had experienced was a single minute of misunderstanding, but the parents of the baby next to Jack were experiencing a very real nightmare, they didn’t know why their baby was having seizures, they had the fear of the unknown.

Then it hit me, how very lucky I am¬†that my scariest moment wasn’t real, that amongst everything our¬†baby is¬†healthy and really that’s all that matters.