PND | First Counselling Session | An Update

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how my doctor had diagnosed me with Postnatal Depression.

I was referred for counselling and said I’d update you guys on my progress…so here it is:

I was given a call back and a telephone assessment, basically going over why I felt depressed. He also agreed I had “Perinatal Depression”, which actually covers more than just Postnatal Depression which means after birth, which is more accurate for me since my Depression first started when we lost our first baby.

We discussed my options and he thought 8 sessions of counselling would be a great starting point, at this stage the waiting list for counselling was 17 weeks! But because I fall into the “perinatal” category, I got moved up the waiting list so I was only 6 weeks away, but I actually had an appointment within 3 weeks, which was great.

I felt positive and happy to have taken the first step to help myself, which helped my mood to be lifted.

My first session nearly didn’t happen, the room was in a huge complex, hidden right in the middle around the other side of the building, so at first I went to the wrong reception. In my head this was a sign I shouldn’t go, I almost stormed off to go home, but I knew if I missed this session I’d be knocked off the list, so i fought my own mind’s negativity and although I was 5 minutes late, I found the room.

The counsellor was a lovely welcoming lady, I basically word vomited my whole life to her with all my anxieties and fears thrown in too, but she was great and didn’t make me feel silly for blurting it all out. She didn’t even need to say much, she just supported me in the decisions I was unsure about and basically told me that the way I am raising my children and living my life is OK and that I need to let go of the negative comments people make and just let them go over my head, she also thinks I’ve had a lot of trauma over the past five years of my life with losing two babies, Jack being really premature, my Dad passing away and a lot of other personal stresses that have caused me a lot of anxiety.

She thinks CBT will help me, once I’ve finished counselling. So I’m optimistic about that.

So my first counselling session went really well, I’m excited about my next one.

For those struggling with Depression who are thinking about starting counselling, I would say even after one session I feel more positive, it’s amazing the feeling that just making a forward step with supporting your own mental health can do.

There are so many options to help and support you if you feel depressed, you just need to take that step forward and the support isĀ there, it isn’t a one size fits all and everyone’s story is different, but one thing that is true for everyone is that you should NEVER keep your feelings to yourself if you are feeling Depressed.

I’m keeping you guys updated to show how getting support for PND does work!

Here are some support links:




If you are in Lancashire like me this is who I get my counselling through:

Minds Matter

I will continue to keep you guys updated on my progress and if anyone wants to get in touch, share their success story or just to talk please comment or get in touch.


5 Signs That You Are Suffering From Baby Brain

1. You can’t find your purse, but you know one of the first places you should look is The Fridge, The Oven or even The Bin…you don’t know why maybe it’s because you spend a lot of time with theseĀ appliances but when you’re in a “Mummy Daze” it tends to be the place you put things

2. You’ve just gone upstairs, got into the car, walked into the kitchen or basically gone anywhere, then you stand there and ask yourself “What the hell did I come in here for”. Memory loss, one of the multiple brain faults that come from being a mother.

3. The inability to hold a conversation, your having a gossip with a friend and she says “So then she walked into the kitchen….” and before she has a chance to tell you the exciting end to your story, your brain does a mummy dot to dot and you interrupt her with “Kitchen…Fridge…Milk…Baby! Nooo I forgot to pick the baby up!” Yes mummy brains strikes again.

4. You refer to yourself and your husband as Mummy Pig & Daddy Pig…in public.

5. You manage to bring your kids into every conversation, even conversations with strangers that haven’t been started. They literally are your life and even though basically most people have or would like to pro-create at some point in their lives…you feel like you are the first person to do it…ever!