Combogesic | Double Action Pain Relief | A Review

If you’re like me and not a huge fan of taking tablets, but want effective pain relief…look no further!

Combogesic is a new pain killer that combines both Paracetemol and Ibuprofen for faster double action pain relief, therefore your pain is resolved quicker and you have less tablets to take!


I don’t have an “issue” per say with taking tablets, but I like to consume as few tablets as possible. So Combogesic are perfect, plus who doesn’t want their pain resolved sooner? I know there are people out there who have a fear or anxiety associated with taking tablets, I feel Combogesic would be perfectly suited to those people as they are slimmer designed, therefore easier to swallow and as I’ve said before it reduces the amount of tablets you need to take.


They are for short term use, last week I had a tension headache which had a rapid onset and progressed very quickly as they tend to, I don’t get them very often but when I do they are extremely painful. I took two Combogesic and within 20 minutes I felt it start to ease and my headache had completely gone within 30 minutes.

I also suffer quite badly with period pain, especially since my second Cesarean, I tend to get a “pain” in my scar, it’s more of discomfort, but still unpleasant. I’ve seen my doctor about it previously and he just recommended over the counter painkillers for when I’m on my period, during my most recent period I took Combogesic and I was able to get on with my day better, being pain free and not having to worry about taking more painkillers a couple of hours later, because Combogesic covered me for 6 hours!


Combogesic is available in the following pharmacies, I got mine at my local Boots:


To see my Vlog review of Combogesic just click the link below:

Check out the COMBOGESIC website here  >> Combogesic


Reaching out for Trigeminal Neuralgia help

Not my usual post, but since the audience on my blog is growing I might as well use it for the greater good.

My mum suffers with Trigeminal Neuralgia, she is on 600mg of Tegratol a day and 1500mg of Gabapentin a day, she is still having major flare ups and nothing relieves the pain.

Has anyone been a sufferer and resolved or relieved the symptoms with any therapy?

We’ve heard that possibly Botox could work but then she could very well be left unable to smile and with facial weakness which she doesn’t want.

Anyone with a success story please get in touch, this horrible condition is completely taking over her life, if you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that in the last few years she has had enough to deal with without constant pain as well!

Thanks for reading