Ella’s Kitchen Addiction!

All kids go through phases of liking things, some are picky eaters and some will eat everything in sight! I’ve got one of each Jack is a bit more particular and Mikey is just a bottomless pit!

But one thing they both agree and no matter how much of a temper tantrum they are in it will shut them up when a booby or a bottle won’t…it’s Ella’s Kitchen.

We’ve tried all of the different products from first fruit pouches to finger foods!

It’s a must have wherever we go! Mikey 7 months has had 8 pouches today alone! He suffers from constipation so it only takes one full fruit pouch to get his bowels working again, it’s all completely natural with no additives either…how great is that!!

If you’re getting ready for weaning or you are struggling to get your little one eating I would recommend Ella’s Kitchen’s products!

Here are the links:




Here’s a throwback picture to Mikey’s first taste, a world apart from now when he snatches the pouch and sucks it dry! & Jack’s first try too, he was a mucky pup then and nothing has changed!

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