Mikey’s Progress: Portage, Speech Therapy & Nursery

When Mikey had his two year check back in October 2016, I mentioned to my health visitor I had some concerns about the fact he wasn’t speaking, making eye contact or responding to his name.

The first avenue we took was a hearing test.

A few people had mentioned he seemed deaf or that he may have hearing problems, we went for a hearing test and he passed with flying colours.


So the next route we took was removing his dummy and limiting his TV time, which improved his focus and he started to make a few sounds, but we decided together he needs some support.

So we had three options to explore: Speech Therapy, Portage and Nursery

This was October last year and I didn’t quite feel he was ready for nursery so, I went to a Speech Therapy drop in session and my health visitor applied for Portage, which went to a panel along with other applications and it was decided Mikey would qualify for it.


Fast forward to January 2017 he had his first appointment session of Speech Therapy and is now saying the words: Bubbles, Up, Pop, Daddy, Jack, Bot Bot and Yeah.

He now goes to nursery twice a week and runs off without saying bye, then cries when I pick him up because he wants to stay there (charming).

Plus on Tuesday he had his first Portage session.

I felt nervous and excited about his first session with the Portage worker, I didn’t really know what to expect.

I knew their aims were to improve his eye-contact, socialising and interaction, we’d discussed that in the initial meeting and I felt happy with these goals.

The session went really well, she brought along some toys that meant Mikey had to give her eye contact and she put her thumbs up and said “good looking” every time he looked at her.

I saw a great improvement even after just one session, so I’m excited that he has this weekly.


The fact is that Mikey is extremely clever, (like scary clever) he knows what he wants and he sees the world in his own way and he lives by it.

Time and time again I keep getting asked what “they” think is “wrong with him” by people, especially because the Autism word keeps getting thrown around.

NOTHING is “wrong” with him, there is so much right with him, he’s so intelligent and if anything overly independent for his age.

Plus it’s not for “them” to decide.

Who are “they” anyway?

Professionals who don’t know him?

I’m his mother and it doesn’t matter to me what label may or may not be given to my son, because to me a label doesn’t change who he is, I love him for exactly who he is right now, his quirks, his meltdowns, the special little moments we get together.


It isn’t for anyone else to change those things, but of course I take into consideration that he may need support and I would never hold him back from anything that can make his life easier to live, I mean celebrities pay thousands for therapies, it can’t do any harm whatsoever, so my thinking process is…why not?

I’m having these therapies put in place for him, partially because his health visitor suggested it and I completely trust her judgement, he is a very kind person, with a lot of experience and really cares for Mikey. Also my own instincts as mother tell me that although it works for him now being self-serving and not interacting with others, that it may be a struggle for him when he’s older, but there’s a good chance it won’t be.

I’d rather him have gentle therapies now to support him at a young age where he knows no different and prevent any future struggles that may happen, than waiting to see if he has to undo habits once he is in school, when it will be much harder for him because he will have more of a comprehension of the fact it is support he is getting, rather than knowing no different.


The support he is getting has improved his interaction, eye-contact, socialising and speech in such a short space of time, I’m so proud of him and how well he is doing.

If anyone else is going through a similar journey with their child please comment, I’d love to hear from you about your experience or just to know about your little one.

I will keep you updated on his progress.

Thanks for reading!



Learning Success: A Review

Learning Success

All people are different…right? No two people are the same, we all know that. So why would our learning needs be the same? That’s because we all have different learning needs.

I know this very well I have two boys and girl and the boys couldn’t be any more different to each other in personality and in their learning.

But how do we teach our kids and cater to their diverse learning needs? Learning Success has the answer.

Learning Success was created by a great team of people including Liz and Phil Weaver, both with numerous years in Kung Fu under their belts, therefore they both have great experience in what works and what doesn’t with learning new skills and how to overcome issues.


They’ve created this great online system, with daily lessons that spell out ways of thinking that are so simple, once you’ve read it, you wonder why we haven’t been learning this way all along.

My son Mikey learns differently, he is going through Speech Therapy and Portage at the moment, but I was struggling with how to interact with him and support his learning at home. With Learning Success I realised I was trying to cram too much into one day and we were bound to fail doing it that way. This way we do 15 minutes a day! That’s such a small amount right? But it’s the right amount, to keep Mikey interested and make sure his learning is about quality and not quantity.

It’s a great tool for parents as well as children, it changes your way of thinking and if you follow it and stick to it you are bound to succeed.


The daily activities come straight to your email and are quick and easy to do, but make a lot of difference. After only using Learning Success I have noticed a difference in Mikey’s interaction. Suddenly he’s making eye contact and starting to say words instead of getting frustrated, this is something I’ve been waiting for, we tried everything and it all seemed to fail. Using Learning Success was a gentle approach to learning and it worked for us.

My eldest son has a quick approach to learning, he picks skills up really quickly and he even loves Learning Success too, I was focusing more on Mikey for the lessons because he needed more support but Jack enjoying joining in and taking part in the lessons as well so it can be used by the entire family.

The online system has a vast array of information and there is more, I’ve focused more on how it works with your child because that’s what I used Learning Success for and if I’m honest what I thought it was for, but it is for Adults too! Let’s face it, it isn’t only children who need learning support, at any age support can help with education, career or even just every day life and now Learning Success is here to help us.

Whether its reading, writing, math, spelling or something else, Learning Success is really what it says on the tin…successful learning. There isn’t many programs out there like this, it isn’t just a company trying to get you to sign up, this is really passionate people who actually want to help you. The videos and learning programs include the creators of this great site and it really shows they have put their heart and soul into making this programme so it works.


My children aren’t of school age yet, but I know of so many parents whose child has been diagnosed with a learning disability such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADD/ADHD, or Dysgraphia, but are given no support on how to deal with it, well now learning success can provide you with the support to learn in an appropriate way that suits you and your needs. You don’t have to suffer with these problems, the help is there waiting for you with Learning Success, you just need to take it.

If you are waiting for the catch….there isn’t one. The only thing Learning Success requires is that you commit, you commit at your own pace in your own time. If you don’t do the lessons it isn’t going to work because you need to do it for it to work, it’s simple, easy and manageable, there is every reason you should get started today.

Here’s the link to their site:

Learning Success

Plus their social media pages:

Learning Success Facebook

Learning Success Twitter

Learning Success Linked In


Learning Success Pinterest

Learning Success Youtube


Why I won’t label my son

Why I won’t label my son.

For some time now there has been an Autistic question mark looming over my son’s head, I wrote a blog post a few weeks ago about how people and services were suspecting my son was “on the autistic spectrum”, I have since been told everyone is on the Autistic spectrum, just varying degrees, I don’t know if this is true, but I’ve decided…not to care.

I don’t care what my son is labelled as, we are going through all the motions now to start the appropriate therapies to make his life and learning easier. But if we walk into a pediatrician’s office and he gives my son a label, he’s not going to walk out a different child, he will still be my Mikey. I understand that services have to give it a name so they can do referrals and arrange the correct support, but that means the label is for them not for me or my son. The same as me being an “O positive blood group” doctors need to know that, but it isn’t how I introduce myself to others.

I’m not saying Autism isn’t real or that we shouldn’t recognise, quite the opposite really. It frustrates me that as soon as I mention to someone, that Mikey is going through tests for Autism, that they change their behaviour around him, before I tell them that, they say he’s funny, cute and clever, if I mention Autism they give me a sympathetic “Awww but it’s ok though, he’ll be ok”. They reassure me like my son has a death sentence, he’s different…but isn’t everyone?

His older brother Jack goes to a mainstream nursery, which I’m planning on sending Mikey to if he manages going to it without any problems, so if Mikey needs other support it just means they have different learning needs. There are a lot of intelligent successful people in the world who have autism and there are a lot of intelligent successful people who don’t have it.

I’d like to live in a world where it’s not a terrifying, upsetting time for parents when their child is diagnosed with Autism, where they get the support needed for their own needs, because let’s face it not one person is the same and it isn’t a one size fits all scenario.

So when I say I don’t care, it doesn’t mean I don’t care about my son, I love my children more than anything in the world, but he is perfect the way he is. A diagnosis isn’t going to change the way I look at him, I wouldn’t change one part of him.

As a parent it is my job to support him and make sure he gets any help he needs, so we’re going to start Speech Therapy and Portage in January. I am a great believer in therapies, let’s face it, people pay good money for therapies just to make their life more peaceful and happier, so if my son is having therapies at 2 years old is that really such a bad thing?

To me he will always be my little Mikey Moo, everyone who meets him adores him, he has special little quirks that make him extra special, but that’s why we love him, his name is Michael and a label of Autism will never change that.