Baobab Chocolate Brownie Recipe


3 Tsp Baobab Powder

90g Soft Butter

2 Medium Eggs

90g Self Raising Flour

15g Cocoa Powder

¼ Tsp Baking Powder

100g Chocolate

150g Caster Sugar


Heat the oven 180C/Gas Mark 4


Step 1)

Whisk the Eggs and mix together in a bowl with the Caster Sugar

Step 2)

Melt the Chocolate and add into the mixing bowl

Step 3)

Sieve the the Self Raising Flour and mix into the bowl


Step 4)

Add in Baking Powder and mix well


Step 5)

Sieve in the Cocoa and mix

Step 6)

Mix in the Butter


Step 7)

Most importantly add in the Baobab Powder


Step 8)

Line a baking tin with tin foil and layer with Butter, pour in the contents of the mixing bowl

Step 9)

Pop in the oven for 35 minutes and enjoy when done!

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Day 13: 365 Day Activity Challenge

Friday 13th January 2017

It’s fooooood Friday, so Jack decided the activity would consist of him passing me the ingredients and me making the food after him demanding Chicken.



Day 6: The 365 Day Activity Challenge

6th January 2017

Today is Food Friday, so we made homemade Bolognese from scratch with wholemeal pasta. I love getting the boys involved with cooking!

I didn’t get any pictures of the prep unfortunately but I’ll be sure to make it again next week and take more pictures, it turns out cooking with toddlers means you need both hands at all times, ha!

So we started with a 250g pack of Mince, I always personally feel there’s too much fat, so I brown it and drain the fat off.

We then wizzed up tinned tomatoes, fresh tomatoes and tomato puree (it was very tomatoey!) I added in fresh garlic, onions, 1 beef oxo cube, a touch of salt & pepper and a smidgen of Mustard! Jack loved measuring out teaspoonfuls of each spice and food we added, Mikey preferred pressing the button on the food processor.

Once the the mince was browned, I added the sauce and let it heat on the stove for a while, when I dished them up, I added a little touch of ground up Almonds, I mushed them up with a pestle and mortar and Jack enjoyed helping me crush them.

Here’s the finished results:

The boys loved it! It’s amazing how much more they enjoy their food when they help to make it.



The 365 Day Activity Challenge

The 365 Day Activity Challenge

I always plan to do great daily activities with my kids and I’ll stick to it for a while, but we end up getting caught up doing other things, so I’ve set my self a 2017 challenge as a new years resolution and I’ve put it on my blog so I can inspire other people and also not give up because lots of people are reading, ha! A challenge to do daily activities with my kids and post it on my blog!

So I’ve dedicated a day of the week to a theme of activities, using Pinterest for a lot of inspiration, but STEAM Ahead for kids also had lots of great activities and also the 5 Minute Fun website, so I’ll be using a combination of the three to decide what activities I’m going to do and I’ll post daily updates with the hashtag #ymbactivitychallenge

I’m going to do my best to stick to daily activities, but if they get really inspired some days we’ll do two or three and they can allow for days when we aren’t up to it, let’s face it kids get poorly so there are going to be days off but I’ll do my best to post daily activities for people to follow and I’d love my readers to join in and take part in doing one activity (or more) a day for the whole of 2017!

Post your own ideas and I’ll schedule them in to do them and I’ll repost your activity pictures!

So this is the daily plan to mix it up a bit:

Monday – Messy Monday

(Doing messy activities, so get your aprons and baby wipes handy)

Tuesday – Toy Tuesday

(Imaginative play with your kids own toys)

Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday

(Dressing up and being silly)

Thursday – Thoughtful Thursday

(Using our imagination to make our own adventures)

Friday – Food Friday

(Baking and cooking)

Saturday – Sensory Saturday

(Sensory games, toys and activities)

Sunday – Storytime Sunday

(Time to relax and listen to some stories)

I’ll be starting it on the 1st of January and would love to see people join in and share your pictures, make sure you use the hashtag  #ymbactivitychallenge and tag @yummymummysblog so I see your posts!

Let’s do the 365 Day Activity Challenge! Who’s in?

Here’s the link to:

My Pinterest page: Yummy Mummy’s Blog Pinterest

STEAM Ahead for Kids Book: STEAM AHEAD For Kids

5 Minutes Fun: 5 Minute Fun