Looking back on 2016

For me, December is a time to look back on the year you’ve had an assess what you want from the year to come.

So what has happened for me in 2016? Where do I start?!

I got married!

I had a baby (my first girl).

Jack turned three.

Mikey has turned two..

I’ve started blogging again!

Getting married at 28 weeks pregnant was…an experience! Only joking, I loved it! Everyone thought I was mad and that it would be their worst nightmare to be pregnant on their wedding day, but I loved it! I am completely not a part animal, I love the comfortable life, sitting down, taking everything in and that I did, followed by a couple days in health spa with my new hubby…just what we needed especially before the imminent arrival of our new little one.

Before we knew it she was here, our little baby GIRL Nicole! I still can’t quite believe I have a daughter. Don’t get me wrong I love my boys and I was fully expecting a third boy which I was over the moon with, I had the name picked and everything, but having the experience to have a daughter as well as a son made me feel extremely lucky. She is beautiful and more perfect than I can ever imagine, plus she’s been exclusively breastfeeding from day dot, which has always been a personal goal for me, 14 weeks so far and there’s no sign of stopping! Wahoo!

My little three pound preemie Jack turned three, loves nursery and isn’t sad to be away from mummy (imagine me doing a sad face) I joke! He started three hours of nursery in April and is now up to 6 hours a week and no longer breaks his heart when I leave him, which I love but also makes me say “Awww my baby is growing up”, but I’m so proud of him, he is being praised constantly for his amazing speech and confidence.

My baby moo moo bear Mikey turned two, he has had a progressive year. His speech hasn’t progressed but his personality has, he is a little daredevil, basically the more you scare him the more you like him, so there’s a lot of rough and tumble, he’s a real man’s man. He’s starting speech therapy and portage to help him with his speech and social skills in the new year which I’m very pleased about, I’m a great believer in therapies.

2015 was a year when my Depression took hold a little bit and I stopped writing, which I really missed. I love blogging and I missed it. Don’t get me wrong I have a very full life and love my family, friends, husband and kids but blogging is something that is just for me and I know now even when I am feeling down I need it in my life, it’s like my diary that I share with the world, but I love it,

So it has been a very happy, memorable but manic year! There has been non-stop planning and organising throughout, so it’s safe to say there has been a lot of stress but also a lot of enjoyable times with family and friends.

There are lots of reasons 2016 has been a positive year for me, even though I’d like 2017 to be the complete opposite in the way of craziness, this year holds a lot of fond memories for me.

So now I look forward to a comfortable and quiet 2017 spending lots of enjoyable unorganised time with my family of five.


The 365 Day Activity Challenge

The 365 Day Activity Challenge

I always plan to do great daily activities with my kids and I’ll stick to it for a while, but we end up getting caught up doing other things, so I’ve set my self a 2017 challenge as a new years resolution and I’ve put it on my blog so I can inspire other people and also not give up because lots of people are reading, ha! A challenge to do daily activities with my kids and post it on my blog!

So I’ve dedicated a day of the week to a theme of activities, using Pinterest for a lot of inspiration, but STEAM Ahead for kids also had lots of great activities and also the 5 Minute Fun website, so I’ll be using a combination of the three to decide what activities I’m going to do and I’ll post daily updates with the hashtag #ymbactivitychallenge

I’m going to do my best to stick to daily activities, but if they get really inspired some days we’ll do two or three and they can allow for days when we aren’t up to it, let’s face it kids get poorly so there are going to be days off but I’ll do my best to post daily activities for people to follow and I’d love my readers to join in and take part in doing one activity (or more) a day for the whole of 2017!

Post your own ideas and I’ll schedule them in to do them and I’ll repost your activity pictures!

So this is the daily plan to mix it up a bit:

Monday – Messy Monday

(Doing messy activities, so get your aprons and baby wipes handy)

Tuesday – Toy Tuesday

(Imaginative play with your kids own toys)

Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday

(Dressing up and being silly)

Thursday – Thoughtful Thursday

(Using our imagination to make our own adventures)

Friday – Food Friday

(Baking and cooking)

Saturday – Sensory Saturday

(Sensory games, toys and activities)

Sunday – Storytime Sunday

(Time to relax and listen to some stories)

I’ll be starting it on the 1st of January and would love to see people join in and share your pictures, make sure you use the hashtag  #ymbactivitychallenge and tag @yummymummysblog so I see your posts!

Let’s do the 365 Day Activity Challenge! Who’s in?

Here’s the link to:

My Pinterest page: Yummy Mummy’s Blog Pinterest

STEAM Ahead for Kids Book: STEAM AHEAD For Kids

5 Minutes Fun: 5 Minute Fun


The Last Baby

I always knew I wanted a big family, I wasn’t sure how many kids maybe four or five. I didn’t predict the difficulties I’d have in pregnancy due to my Bicornuate Uterus…how could I? So fast forward to full fledged family life I have three kids, am married and have had two Cesareans, which means I can have one more baby and it will have to be a Cesarean the doctors say.

If you’d have asked me a few years ago if I’d like to stop at three children, I’d of said absolutely not! I love them when they are babies and as toddlers and as little people. Even though it’s tough and hard work, I love it, I feel like it is what I was made to do. I’m not looking forward to the time my house is quiet and not overrun by little dictators.

But due to the health problems and risks I have in pregnancy and the practical side of having three kids, I have nowhere, literally nowhere to put a fourth baby when I go out means I’m toying with the idea of this being the point where I stop. I know I could wait a few years and have another one when these three are in school, but then I love the fact these are all close together and I just keep getting the feeling I am done.

There is a feeling of sadness with your last baby, don’t get me wrong I am so full of love, there is so much love in my heart I am overwhelmed, but there is an end of an era like finishing your years of child bearing….which is OK. People tell you, that you should be happy with your lot, well I am, I have three beautiful children and wouldn’t change them. They have given me the best experiences of my life so far and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life loving them, but knowing you won’t go through a pregnancy, birth and newborn, toddler and preschool age again is a little sad. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s just that you’ve loved that part of life so much it’s a bit upsetting when that ends.

When you have the feeling this is your last baby, you hold them a little closer and stare at them a little longer, not because you love them anymore but because your older children have taught you how fast it goes, you wouldn’t change the amazing, hilarious and beautiful people they turn into, but you find yourself telling people it only seems like yesterday they were tiny and you take it for granted amongst the piles of nappies and sleepless nights time seems to pass in a blur, so of course it’s different when you’re holding your last child, your older children have taught you to cherish these tiny cuddly moments, because before we know it the sleepless nights just wanting 5 minutes peace from our newborn will turn into sleepless nights worrying about our teenagers.

So I never thought I’d say it, but Nicole could be my last baby. Not because she’s a girl after two boys, me and Paul had this conversation during my pregnancy when I thought she was a boy. Only time will tell, but to be honest I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have three beautiful babies that are all healthy and I am content with the possibility family is complete.


Mia Mou Retail: A Review

Looking for beautiful chunky jewellery for girls?

Look no further! Mia Mou Retail sells beautifully handmade jewellery at an affordable prices. I was sent a gorgeous necklace for my daughter Nicole for when she’s older as they are suitable for three years and older.


She actually enjoys it now because I wear it while I’m breastfeeding and she loves playing with the different blocks and buttons on it.

It comes in a beautiful hessian bag which is super cute to keep hold of and I actually use it for all my jewellery now and it had a funky badge on.

The necklace itself was packaged in beautiful green and red tissue paper. You could tell time, effort and love was put into making and packaging it.


This is a picture of the necklace, it’s great quality and lovely to look at. Perfect for little girls! I know girl will love wearing it all the time when she is older.


Check out the shop on Etsy:


Follow on Instagram: MiaMouRetail Instagram




5 Minute Fun!

Thinking of ideas to do with your little one that don’t take a lot of time or preparation?

Look no further!

5 Minute Fun are 5 minute activities that can be done any time, any place and in just 5 minutes!

We decided to make a picture out of leaves! Both of my boys were poorly so we wrapped up warm just to go out in the garden to get leaves and then did the rest of the activity indoors making the picture.

Here’s a video to show what we did:

Jack loved it, now he wants to do “his” 5 minutes everyday! Mikey likes to join in on certain ones too and I feel this is really helping his social skills. Plus Jack loves showing his baby sister his pictures, so the entire family is involved.

Get over to the website now to sign up:


Also follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for regular updates:

5 Minute Fun Facebook

5 Minute Fun Twitter

5 Minute Fun Instagram



Christmas Gift Guide Request

It’s that time of year again!

I’m currently building my Christmas Gift Guide which will be released on the 1st December 2016.

In there will be some favourite toys that boys have tried and tested, but I need some companies to work with to fill it up!

So if you want your product to feature in my guide then get in touch!

I will also be having a section all about newborns, Nicole will be 3 months old by Christmas and both of my boys were very young at their first Christmas’s, it’s so hard to know what to buy for a newborn, but I’ll be helping all my readers get some great ideas.

Don’t hesitate, get in touch!

Merry Christmas! x


Child Safety Feature: The Faces Behind The Warnings

Social media has opened up a new platform to spread the word about child safety and the dangers around our homes. More often than not pictures or adverts will pop up and we’ll scroll past them, putting it to the back of our minds with the “it won’t happen to us” attitude, it’s not uncommon, if anything it’s a defence mechanism to protect ourselves from imagining something so terrible happening to our family.

Unfortunately these risks are very real and parents are taking to social media to share their heartbreaking stories of their children who have lost their lives by preventable “accidents”.

The purpose of this feature is not to scare-monger but to educate, I’m not going to present you with a government document telling you something is officially unsafe, but with real stories from real people who have suffered real tragedies and have found the strength to campaign and educate others so they don’t suffer the same pain. I have also included some information and videos to inform you of other possible risks to be aware of.

Please do not just ignore this feature, keep it bookmarked, come back and read each story at a time, however you prefer to take in this information is up to you, but reading and watching it will imprint it in your brain and if it can save just one child’s life, then we’ve done some good here.

Blog Post #1

Sophia’s Cause

Sophia 1

Sophia’s Cause is a campaign for window blind safety created in memory of Sophia Lily Parslow who lost her life to a blind cord. The main objective is to raise awareness of window blind dangers and to campaign for cordless alternatives. For the full Blog post click the link:


Blog Post #2

Good Egg Safety


Good Egg Safety have given advice on second hand car seats and the dangers involved with purchasing them, they also have even more car seat safety information on their website. Cick the link for the full Blog post:


Blog Post #3

Maison’s Memory

Maison 2

Maison was 7 months and 1 day old when he was found dead by his mother, he had suffocated on a Nappy Sack, his mother is now raising awareness of the risks of suffocation with Nappy Sacks, for the full Blog post click the link:


Blog Post #4

Ariel 3 in 1 Tabs

Ariel 2

Washer Tablets are colourful and attractive to children, often mistaken for sweets. Ariel have created a safety video, for the full Blog post click the link:


Blog Post #5

Rachel Sian Photography: Safety First

Rachel 3

Being trained to pose babies for a professional photo shoot is more complex than you may think, Rachel Sian Photography has created a safety post to inform parents of the risks, for the full Blog post click the link:


Blog Post #6

Meghan’s Hope

Meghan 2

Meghan was tragically killed by her dresser falling on her, Meghan’s hope was created by her mother Kim to raise awareness. For the full Blog post click the link


Blog Post #7

One Decision: Vehicular Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke 1

Leaving children in hot cars is becoming increasingly common, One Decision have created a safety video which visualises the actual dangers of Vehicular Heat Stroke. For the full Blog post click the link:


Blog Post #8

Energizer – Coin Lithium Battery Safety


It isn’t widely documented that coin batteries occur in more than just watches, they are becoming increasingly popular in growing technology, which unfortunately puts children at greater risk of swallowing them and causing serious if not fatal damage to themselves, for the full Blog post and video, click the link:


Blog Post #9

CPR Kids


CPR Kids have created a First Aid guide called: A life. A finger. A pea up the nose. By clicking on this link you can download a free copy of the guide:


Please not this Blog Post is not a professional child safety post, I have used information taken from campaigns and safety causes to create this guidance.