Proud Mummy Moment

The Proud Mummy Moments

Premature baby

When you have a premature baby the idea of the distant future doesn’t seem as important as it did before, all that matters is the next day, the next hour, the next five minutes. While they are NICU the outside world doesn’t exist to you anymore, all that matters is this moment and getting your baby through it.


When those days become a memory and you look back on what your little miracle has been through, it makes you so grateful for all they can achieve now they are out of the woods.

Luckily for us, Jack came home with no complications, he surpassed all his milestones for his birth date never mind his due date and was discharged from the paediatrician. He turned three in November and is about to go from two to three sessions a week.


I popped in to pick him up last Tuesday and his key worker brought out his monthly review that she was filling in and said he’s surpassing everything, but they always look for an area of improvement so they are going to focus on his maths, he can count but they are going to develop his skills further. Great! I thought to my self, quite advanced if you ask me but he seems to be enjoying himself and learning more and more so who am I to argue.

This was when I mentioned increasing his sessions by one more, asking her to see when they had another morning session available. I explained to her, he started April 2016 with one three hour session, then in September 2016 I increased it again and it’s now January and we’ve increased to a third session. I’d like him to be doing 15 hours before he starts school, so I have an idea in my head of increasing to four sessions in April (12 hours) and five sessions by September (15 hours) then he will be doing 15 hours for a year before he starts school in September 2018.

The wrong group

I explained this to his key worker and she looked at me confused, saying he starts school in September this year. Nooo, I told her he was born November 2013, yes he will be one of the older kids, but he doesn’t start until 2018. She had thought he was more advanced therefore older and it turns out he’s been in the pre-school group all this time! Not only that but he was doing amazing in every aspect!


I’m proud of my kids for hitting any milestones and for all of their achievements, but for Jack it is just that bit more amazing, he was born almost three months early weighing only 3lbs, he couldn’t breathe on his own and was only allowed 0.5mls of milk every 6 hours, how does he go from that to being the top of a class that is supposed to be too advanced for him?!

Proud mummy

He really is our little miracle, he overcame all the odds and now he’s surpassing everyone’s expectations, he makes me such a proud mummy, to have such a clever, special boy.



The moment your realise your baby is a genius (as does every other mother in the world!)

First words, first steps, first eating of solid food, first solid poop! There’s a first time for everything and being a mother you get to see it all happen right in front of your eyes.

It must be the love hormone that goes into overdrive when our babies are born, because literally every mum thinks their child is the first to do all of the above and more (well maybe not all that extreme, but you will come across those mothers whose kids walked, talked and recited the alphabet backwards at 6 weeks old).

The moment you realise your child is a genius, is that hallelujah, oh my god, did they really just do that moment! Even when they’ve been clinging onto the furniture for weeks, the moment they let go and do those first few steps will at least make you well up a bit! When you tell friends and family it’s a moment you want them to scream and rejoice like you but unfortunately others don’t see the same genius-like qualities in your child they just see it as another developmental milestone.

Every parent can’t believe the tiny baby they held so tight is really growing into a little person, it’s exciting to see them grow and to help shape their personality, but it’s also devastating for some that you will never get that tiny baby moment again with that child, with every thing they can now do there are things they will never do again. Maybe this is why we get so excited and over the top about our children’s next stages, to protect ourselves from the scary truth that your baby is growing up.

But if you look at everything like you will never get back again you are missing the things you are gaining right in front of your eyes. They aren’t little for long but we already knew that, spend your time enjoying it instead of worrying how fast it is going, and remember…your baby is a genius.