A break from blogging

So  I’ve had a bit of a break from blogging the last few months. I’ve really missed it and feel there are so many things I have missed recording about my little monkey’s.

To re-cap I have two little boys Jack (2.5 yrs) and Michael (1.5 yrs) and write about all the trials and tribulations of being their mummy. Since I stopped blogging things have changed quite a lot, I am now expect a baby GIRL!

I will talk about my pregnancy more in upcoming posts but I’m still in shock it is a girl!

I just wanted to write a quick post about why I haven’t been blogging for a while, there has been no major reason other than life just getting in the way.

So now I have my 2yr old, 1 yr old, 20 weeks Pregnancy and my wedding in 8 weeks! Safe to say I have plenty to write about…..


Breastfeeding? In public? On social media? How dare we!

Okay…so from the title you can tell what I am talking about…

Breastfeeding is the most natural, oldest and cheapest way of feeding our babies, yet when it comes to strangers seeing us do it, it becomes sort of…shameful!

Now, don’t get me wrong I couldn’t care if ladies breastfeed or formula feed, in my opinion it’s their choice and whatever decision they make they should be left too it…but we all know that isn’t going to happen.

The irony of this subject is, Jodie Marsh & Katie Price can get their breasts out & it’s sexy (to some people)! It sells underwear, books, TV programmes, magazines, perfumes etc. the list is never ending!

The plain truth of it is, if these ladies didn’t bear their breasts to the world, then they wouldn’t be where they are today & even though it’s not what I’d choose as a career, I applaud them! They know what they want in life, they know what they are doing will get them a wealthier life and even the bad press makes them money, so really it’s a win-win for them.

Even a talented actress, Keira Knightly posed topless recently to show how beautiful the female body is, no matter what shape or size & she (rightly so) was applauded.

So my point is (& I am getting there) we have all these women posing with their breasts out, not just cleavage, not just a revealing dress, we’re talking fully out and by our standards in society it’s acceptable, so tell me why,

when you can see the back of a babies head and some of the mother breasts, this is obscene in our society? Why do the photos of mothers feeding their babies get reported and taken down from social media?

Why are we asked to leave restaurants or other public places because our baby being fed is offending their other customers?

These restaurants are built for people to eat in, so why are our babies expected to go eat theirs in a public bathroom or with a blanket over their head?

Is it because society has made breasts completely sexualised? or has it just got that cynical that they think we feed our children as an excuse to get our breasts out?

For pictures of women feeding their babies on social media to be reported is in my opinion very sad, lets hope as a society we can pull ourselves out of this rut that condemns women and their babies for the most natural thing in the world ❤

Lots of love ❤

Em x