Three poorly babies

I know Jack & Mikey aren’t technically “babies” but they are MY babies, so I have three poorly babies today.

It’s been starting for a few days but today it’s hit our household like a bacteria filled bomb, all three have sticky eyes (Yuck!), poor Jack woke up and thought he was blind! 🙈

Mikey has no comprehension of why I have to clean his eyes, he’s the hardest one to help. Jack doesn’t like having his eyes cleaned (using boiling water and cotton wool) plus eye drops, but he knows he needs them and if he just plays along it’s over a lot quicker than if he fights me, Nicole hates having her eyes cleaned (she’s too young for drops) but is too little fight back, so just gives me a guilty feeling with her bottom lip.

But Mikey, he is the strongest out of all three and hates any sort of intervention, wiping his nose, washing his hair, changing his bum…he’s not a fan of anything like that, so trying to swipe his eyes with cotton wool in one direction so I’m not rubbing it back into his eye, then putting in eye drops is near-impossible, but I managed it, I may have had to gently restrain him with my legs, but it took me no longer than a minute, whereas I could have sat there for an hour trying to reason with him but got nowhere, if you are a fan of the TV show Friends….Imagine Rachel with the eye drop, but x10!

I had plans to take the kids out to the park today or maybe even to a play area, but I’m not so well myself and really all they want to do is stay in their pyjamas and watch TV, so I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to chill with them and not spread this cold/virus/eye infection whatever you want to call it, to the outside world.

Kids perk up pretty quickly so I’m hoping they’ll be OK for nursery and a play date tomorrow, there’s really no way to tell until the morning with kids, they are pretty unpredictable. I know they’ll be absolutely gutted to miss out but I suppose it’s my job to decide what is best and weigh up the pros and cons, they’ve been having their eye drops for two days now, so hopefully their eye will be better by tomorrow.

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Mummy can’t be ill…

As a child when we’re ill we get nursed back to health by our doting parents, my own experience would be to have a duvet on the sofa and sole control over what we watched on TV plus the magic medicine…Original Lucozade.

Now at 23 as a mother to two children, reality has hit me hard, that even when you are in agonising pain, the sympathy you will get is minimal. I’ve found the only time I get real sympathy and allowances for being in such pain is when I deliver a child at the end of it.

My partner is the perfect Daddy to my children and would be as sympathetic to them as my Dad was to me, yet when it comes to me, I basically am expected to get on with it.

I’m sure there are mothers out there who’s partner’s dote on them when they are ill, but I think I’m not alone in that he just can’t deal with it when I’m ill. Don’t get me wrong, he is the perfect father, helps massively with the housework, goes out to work and pays the bills, yet he just can’t show me that bit of sympathy when I’m ill.

Am I being too demanding? I don’t want him dressed up as a doctor and holding my hand as if I’m on my death bed, but is it so much to ask that he feel sorry for me when I have to look after two kids all day when I’m in agony from Sinusitis.

I get told to take painkillers, go to bed and get over it, yet he thinks I’m just being awkward when I say I can’t stomach painkillers until I manage to eat something which is near-impossible when my face feels like it has been hit by a bus, plus Sinusitis really kicks in when you lie down, I’d love nothing more than to sleep for 24 hours, but I feel like I’ve got a cement block on top of my head as soon as I lay verticle.

Is it just a male thing? Or am I thinking I’m not alone when I really am? Maybe I need to ‘grow up’ as my partner says, I am of course a mother, but surely when I’m in pain or unwell I deserve to be looked after too? I’m not just a mother, I’m a human being too…..