Prestige Flowers: A review

What better gift can you send than flowers?

Flowers suit every occasion, they are delicate, beautiful, hand pickedĀ and arranged perfectly.


The next best step would be getting them delivered safely to your door in a beautifully designed box with the option of next day delivery (for those last minute shoppers)…

But surely there isn’t a place that can do all that and send a bouquet that is actually beautifully designed and decorated? There is…

Prestige Flowers

I have been lucky enough to be sent a lovely bouquet by Prestige Flowers, I ordered on next day delivery and the were brought right to my door the next morning in a beautifully designed box.

There were twelve beautiful roses surrounded by Lilies and red berries, held together in a sleek black and grey bouquet placed in a black gift bag with luscious long handles for easy handling. My niece has just had a baby so I gave them to her, what a great gift to give a new mum? They are always getting gifts for the baby but what about them? They are too tired to use any products or do anything other than look after this new little person in their life, why not give them a beautiful surprise delivered straight to their door and a gorgeous bouquet to look at as well as their precious new addition.

With Valentines Day just around the corner why not keep to tradition and send beautiful flowers but give yourself the reassurance of knowing you’ve ordered them and the bouquet will be beautiful and well presented…what are you waiting for, order now:


Prestige Flowers Valentine’s Day Bouquet

Look how beautiful they come out after just a few days

Overall, Prestige Flowers is a smooth and easy flower delivery service to use from start to finish.

Their site is quick and simple to use, with many options of bouquets and different flowers. The flowers themselves are fresh, beautiful and gracefully arranged, delivered straight to your door in a stylish box…plus next day delivery, you can order up to 9pm!

What more could you ask for?

Check out their site: Prestige Flowers

Also check out theirĀ Facebook page





Mummy & Daddy’s Night Off

Mummy & Daddy’s Night Off!

So this Saturday (if you’re in the UK like me) it’s Valentine’s Day!

We’re not usually big on celebrating it and normally just have a lovely meal cooked at home (which isn’t different to most days in our home, except maybe that we’ll eat around the table).

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll remember that my mum has our two children Jack & Mikey one Saturday every month overnight to give us a break, well….guess when Valentine’s Day falls? You guessed it, on our night off!

So we had no excuse not to make an effort…did we? We’re not buying each other gifts or cards, because really it’s just an added expense we don’t need, just for the sake of buying each other useless gifts. But we are going for a meal (meal deal of course) at a local Italian restaurant and then going to the cinema to watch…50 Shades of Grey, which when I tell anyone makes me cringe like a naughty child, but we’ve read the books and wanted to check out the movie so why not?!

Having babies has brought us closer together as parents, we work amazingly as a team, but as a couple, we haven’t drifted, but we don’t want it to get to that point. You see we give each other one hour a night where each of us can do what we want, I usually go for an hour long bath and read my trashy magazine and Paul will either go in our make-shift gym in the cellar or up for a sleep.

So for the one night a month we aren’t mummy and daddy, we’re Emma and Paul and although we love our children and dedicate our entire lives to them, that one night a month is something to look forward to when they’re testing our patience.