Flutterbydreams Photography: My best ranked Photographer in the North West

Photographs, the perfect way to capture a perfect moment forever, these days you can capture them on your phone, devices and professional cameras are even affordable.

But like any profession, you can’t quite get it perfect if you don’t have the training, photography isn’t just about clicking a button, it’s about having a vision and being able to make those perfect moments happen and capture them at the right second.

The best way to make sure you have those memories to treasure forever is to hire the right photographer for the job.

Since Jack has been a baby, I’ve been going to the same person for our professional pictures, Danielle at Flutterbydreams.

My first photo shoot with her was actually supposed to be a pregnancy-bump shoot when I was pregnant with Jack at 30 weeks, but he was born at 29+5 so that didn’t happen!

But she came to do his newborn shoot, the day after his due date so he was 11 weeks old but only 5lbs! She came for around 09:30am in the morning when we had agreed and she stayed for around 5 hours! The photo shoot was in the comfort of our own home and she was so gentle and patient with Jack! He peed on her three times and she didn’t bat an eyelid.

As Jack was so premature I was extremely nervous about anyone handling him, but Danielle explained she had been specially trained to handle and pose newborns for photo shoots, I didn’t actually know you needed special training, but she explained to me how important it was that she had this training for Jack’s safety.


It was obvious that she cared deeply about the babies and families she photographs, she has this great vision and wonderful ideas for poses and she made us feel completely at ease. We were her only clients that day and you could feel that she wasn’t rushing us at all, she took the time to rock Jack to sleep to get the perfect pictures.

My only regret is that after Mikey was born I didn’t get his pictures done, I always meant to get round to it, but we had literally just moved house and it was always on our list of things to do, I know that Danielle would have done a fabulous job photographing Mikey.

When we got married, there isn’t anyone else I would have gone to for the photography, Danielle was our first choice and she came along with another professional photographer Lauren and had the cheapest price of all the quotes I’d seen! She stayed from Bridal Prep all the way through to the First Dance and brought along a backdrop so we could do a photo booth. She wasn’t just a photographer on the day, she was a friend, nothing was too much to ask.

She waited until we were ready for our posed pictures and captured so many beautiful moments, you wouldn’t have even known she was there taking them, I received my photos within a month and there were over 600!! I’ve heard the biggest regret you can have on your big day is having a bad photographer, well we are so lucky we had Danielle, it isn’t just a job to her, you can tell she puts her heart and soul into getting the perfect pictures to treasure for a lifetime.

Shortly after our wedding I had our third baby Nicole and as you can imagine a selfie of the 5 of us together wasn’t easy to capture and getting a picture by anyone else just wasn’t cutting it, so we thought why not get Nicole’s baby pictures and a family portrait at the same time! I booked in with Danielle and she gave us a great price and the same as with Jack three years earlier she stayed for hours and waited patiently to get the perfect pictures.

As you can imagine getting a family picture with two toddlers and baby is near impossible, I wasn’t expecting any miracles, don’t get me wrong Danielle is a fab photographer but I knew my kids and how difficult they’d be to sit still and smile…well she proved me wrong.

She didn’t just get one but she got numerous pictures of us together all smiling and looking at the camera, the kids love her! At this time Mikey wasn’t speaking or making any eye contact and she managed to get him to come out of himself, it was amazing to see and even though I knew the shoot had gone well but I still couldn’t believe how perfect the pictures were when I saw them and all my friends with kids were amazed at how she’d managed to get a picture of us all looking at the camera and smiling.

I’ll continue going to Danielle at Flutterbydreams anytime I need a photographer in the future, I can’t recommend her enough! She’s everything you need in a Photographer:

✔ Professional

✔Qualified Photographer

✔Qualified in handling and posing newborns

✔Great with kids

✔Great prices

✔Patience and takes the time to capture perfect moments


✔High quality pictures

Check out the page and message Danielle for a quote: Flutterbydreams Photography


Looking back on 2016

For me, December is a time to look back on the year you’ve had an assess what you want from the year to come.

So what has happened for me in 2016? Where do I start?!

I got married!

I had a baby (my first girl).

Jack turned three.

Mikey has turned two..

I’ve started blogging again!

Getting married at 28 weeks pregnant was…an experience! Only joking, I loved it! Everyone thought I was mad and that it would be their worst nightmare to be pregnant on their wedding day, but I loved it! I am completely not a part animal, I love the comfortable life, sitting down, taking everything in and that I did, followed by a couple days in health spa with my new hubby…just what we needed especially before the imminent arrival of our new little one.

Before we knew it she was here, our little baby GIRL Nicole! I still can’t quite believe I have a daughter. Don’t get me wrong I love my boys and I was fully expecting a third boy which I was over the moon with, I had the name picked and everything, but having the experience to have a daughter as well as a son made me feel extremely lucky. She is beautiful and more perfect than I can ever imagine, plus she’s been exclusively breastfeeding from day dot, which has always been a personal goal for me, 14 weeks so far and there’s no sign of stopping! Wahoo!

My little three pound preemie Jack turned three, loves nursery and isn’t sad to be away from mummy (imagine me doing a sad face) I joke! He started three hours of nursery in April and is now up to 6 hours a week and no longer breaks his heart when I leave him, which I love but also makes me say “Awww my baby is growing up”, but I’m so proud of him, he is being praised constantly for his amazing speech and confidence.

My baby moo moo bear Mikey turned two, he has had a progressive year. His speech hasn’t progressed but his personality has, he is a little daredevil, basically the more you scare him the more you like him, so there’s a lot of rough and tumble, he’s a real man’s man. He’s starting speech therapy and portage to help him with his speech and social skills in the new year which I’m very pleased about, I’m a great believer in therapies.

2015 was a year when my Depression took hold a little bit and I stopped writing, which I really missed. I love blogging and I missed it. Don’t get me wrong I have a very full life and love my family, friends, husband and kids but blogging is something that is just for me and I know now even when I am feeling down I need it in my life, it’s like my diary that I share with the world, but I love it,

So it has been a very happy, memorable but manic year! There has been non-stop planning and organising throughout, so it’s safe to say there has been a lot of stress but also a lot of enjoyable times with family and friends.

There are lots of reasons 2016 has been a positive year for me, even though I’d like 2017 to be the complete opposite in the way of craziness, this year holds a lot of fond memories for me.

So now I look forward to a comfortable and quiet 2017 spending lots of enjoyable unorganised time with my family of five.


New Years Resolutions

I have never been big on new years resolutions (mostly because everyone else I rarely stick to them) but since having kids there’s always more I want to be doing with and for them, so for 2017 I’m going to base my new years resolutions on them.

Considering this years I had another baby and got married it’s been a pretty hectic year, so my plan for 2017 is to chill out! No major organised events, I might arrange Nicole’s Naming Ceremony for later in the year but I will just see how that goes, it can always wait until 2018.

So I’d like to do more activities with the kids, drawing, painting, creating. We do a lot but I’d like to arrange at least a couple of times of the week when we sit down to do exactly that. I’d like to make a list of farms, zoos and educational yet fun places we can go.

We tend to sit down for teatime but not really for any other meal of the day, they tend to walk around with a piece of toast of a morning, but I’d like for them to sit down and eat more just basically to get them eating more, it’s not that they are even bad eaters, but I’d just like to have more meals sat at the table with actual face to face contact.

Limiting devices, I don’t allow them to spend long on the tablet/ipad/laptop but occasionally they will go on it, so I’d like to limit what they are using to a certain hour and app, just for the reason I don’t want them to get into bad habits of being on devices all the time, yet I know it is good for them to know how to use them.

I usually end up buying a diary in about April, when I decide to get my life in order, but I suppose January is a good place to start and I’d like to be one of those organised birthday rememberer’s but we will see how well that goes.

So in summary I guess my new years resolution is to have a fairly normal, yet fairly organised year…if that’s even possible. Basically no more babies or weddings!

But I have three kids way under school age, so organisation in my house means living in a fairly normal household and considering mine is as mad as a box of frogs, I’ll accept I have good intentions but not punish my self if it all goes A over T.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Chocolate Cards! Morse Toad Marvellous Messaging+ 10% Discount

Christmas Cards…what do we really do with them once Christmas is over? They go in a drawer, you don’t look through them again and they just sit there gathering dust.

But of course you want to let people know you are thinking of them over the holiday season, if only there were a unique way you could send them a card that wasn’t just going to get tossed aside a few seconds after being opened, if you could send a card that would be remembered and truly appreciated….the wait is over.

Say Hello to Chocolate Cards!!


That’s right Morse Toad’s Messaging Servicehave created the answer to your prayers, you can let your loved ones know you are thinking of them and give them the gift of chocolate as well!

Everyone likes to know someone is thinking of them and everyone loves Chocolate!

I was kindly given some chocolate to try and review and…oh my god!

The chocolate is a-maz-ing!

It is tasty Belgian Chocolate handmade in the UK

The blocks of chocolate are so yummy and much bigger than I expected, you definitely get your monies worth!

Why not follow them on social media to see their latest offers and designs…

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I was given £15 to spend and managed to get a card for my mum and two stocking fillers for my boys Jack and Mikey.

Morse Toad.jpg

The names I got for the boys are great, they can be used for any occasion, but over the Christmas period it is a great idea for stocking fillers or Christmas Eve Boxes.


At only £2.75 who can grumble?!


The cards come in a lovely modern sleek looking card, it has a personalised message inside and you can even include a photo of your choice for only £1! How amazing is that?!

So not only are you telling someone you are thinking of them carved into chocolate but you can personalise a message and a photo as well!

Even down to the packaging has a sleek modern design with stylish blue tissue paper and there is no risk of the chocolate being damaged in the post, it’s very securely packaged.

Plus you get free delivery on orders over £10!!!


So what are you waiting for? Why waste money on a box of chocolates and a card when you can combine the two and personalise it to really let someone know you are thinking of them this Christmas? & It doesn’t stop at Christmas! Birthdays, Christenings, Weddings…these chocolate cards are great for any occasion!

Or just a lovely way to let someone know you are thinking of them….

Why wait?!

Order now and to start you off here is a 10% discount!

10% Discount! (expires Christmas Day): HappyToadmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Morse Toad’s Messaging Service


Tips for the pregnant bride

Most women dream about looking a million dollars on their big day, getting in great shape to fit in their perfect dress, well I’m not most  women, I was 28 weeks pregnant at my wedding!

So now I’ve been there and done it, I’m sharing some tips to make sure you enjoy your day and look after yourself at the same time.

Tip #1 – Flat shoes

I know, I know…heels elongate your legs, look much prettier and let’s face it they just make you feel better about yourself when you’re wearing them…unless you’re pregnant, then they are blister breeding, ankle swelling shackles of death. Plus if you’re anything like me, your balance is off in pregnancy so it’s best to be in flats. If you have your heart set on heels, just wear them down the aisle, trust me get some comfy shoes for the evening…you’ll thank me later!

Here’s the DIY Converse I did for my wedding:


Tip #2 Rest & take the help

Leading up to my wedding I planned everything down to a T, I made sure everyone knew their jobs and delegated, so all I had to do was sit back and enjoy, trust me no-one is gonna say no to a pregnant lady! I stressed up until the night before, then I got as much sleep as possible and just let the day flow, there’s no point stressing on the day, because you won’t enjoy it as much, plus stress & hormones don’t mix! So put aside your pride and take all the help offered!


Tip #3 Eat

This is important for all brides, but if you’re pregnant it is especially important to keep yourself hydrated and fed, you are making another human being after all. Plus you don’t want to lose part of the day needing to lie down or going dizzy and needing to go hospital. If you want to eat you eat, even if you have to nick a slice of wedding cake, no-one’s going to argue with a pregnant lady!


Tip #4 Pick a comfy dress

I borrowed my dress from a friend who was pregnant when she got married, it had a lot of give around the tummy and was strapless, it was a lovely dress but I knew it might get heavier by the evening so I bought a £30 back up dress from Amazon, it had one shoulder and was very lightweight and breathable, I was so glad I brought it.

Tip #5 Be prepared for comments

The main comment everyone will ask you is “Was it planned that you would be pregnant at the wedding?” or leading up to the wedding you may get “Don’t you want to postpone until the baby is here?” or the one I unbelievably got more than a few times was “Oooh what if she’s born at the wedding?” I was 28 weeks pregnant at my wedding, considering I had been 29 weeks when my eldest was born, this was more of an insult than just a passing comment, but as hard as it was (especially with hormones) I had to let it go, just realising no-one means any harm, they just don’t think before speaking, it’s not worth letting it ruin your big day. All that matters is you are marrying the person you love…


Tip#6 Be prepared for an early-ish night

Most people party until the early hours at their wedding, I was ready for the car to pick us up by 9pm. Don’t get me wrong I loved every minute, but I was pregnant and exhausted…I wanted my big comfy bed and spa hotel, which brings me to my last tip…


Tip#7 Make your honeymoon your babymoon

For those that don’t know a babymoon is a little break for mum and dad-to-be before baby comes, so unless you’re loaded you probably can’t afford one as well as a wedding. So if you were planning a honeymoon make sure it’s actually to rest, not an activity filled adventure. We went to a spa hotel an hour away and had 2 nights of massages, relaxing and lots of food.

Most of all this goes for all brides…enjoy the day! So you are pregnant, so what?! What is more special than walking down the aisle to the person you love with your baby growing inside of you.




Apothecary Bar & Lounge: You can dine like the wealthy, without dishing the dosh!

This afternoon, I took my mother in law to be, sister in law to be, husband to be and my two children to Apothecary Bar & Lounge in Lancaster. It was formally known as Lounge, the place where only the hardcore would party if they lasted to the next morning, now it’s had a complete make-over, it’s classy enough to make you feel special but also welcoming enough to make anyone feel like they can visit.

We ordered two “Picnic Tables” which comes with a selection of tasty sandwiches, cake, juice drink, jelly & cream, scones with Jam & Butter, toasties, sausage rolls & pork pies! All for only £19, we ordered two as they are meant for two people and there were six of us, but we still had loads left over to take home! The portions were extremely generous! Plus the food was all fresh and high quality, there isn’t one thing I’d complain about, I’d actually feel rude for not complimenting as the food was amazing and the service was even better.


As soon as we entered we were greeted by friendly smiles from the staff and shown to our seating area, we were running late which we were told was absolutely no problem and my sister in law and hubby were yet to come so they had to wait even longer, but still this was no trouble. To entertain my son, I was offered a huge colourful and exciting looking toy (pictured below) which was carried to our seats by the member of staff, also he brought two high chairs with no problem at all, as soon as everyone had arrived the food was out within 15 minutes, all extremely fresh and tasty. We were there for over two hours nibbling at the food and playing with the kids who ran up and down getting smiles and waves from the staff. Usually when we’re in a restaurant bar area we are frowned at for having fun in the area with our kids and after an hour we’re getting “the look” wishing us to leave. But not here! The staff could not do enough for us!

1 14 18

Also since this is a mummy blog I have to add a checklist of the mummy qualms I purposely looked for:

Baby changing area!? Check 😉

Toys to entertain kids (descent ones)!? Check 😉

Descent comfy high chairs!? Check 😉 (plus carried for us by staff)

And last but definitely not least and most importantly to me:Breast Feeding Friendly!!?? CHECK 😉

Apothecary Bar & Lounge gets a massive 10/10 from yummymummysblog!


(Also I went to look round last week to have it as a potential wedding venue and fell in love! It’s my new favourite place!)